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The Terminal Turístico Náutico da Bahia – TTNB is located at Av. da França, s/nº, Comércio and daily meets the intercity water transportation demand, connecting Salvador to the towns of Mar Grande (Vera Cruz) and Morro de São Paulo (Ilha de Tinharé, Cairu). In addition, the terminal also receives tourist vessels, schooners that tour the islands of Baía de Todos os Santos.

TTNB holds a Marina for private sports and recreational vessels that thanks to the support given over the years of receiving regattas, it has spread TTNB’s name far beyond Brazilian seas.

Due to such features, this terminal is crucial for maritime navigation in Bahia, being one of the main nautical infrastructures available to support the population’s transportation and leisure activities.

On September 2013, according to the Agreement for Use Agerba (State of Bahia’s agency for regulation of energy, transportation and communication services) N. 08/2013, SOCICAM took over the Terminal Turístico Náutico da Bahia – TTNB, with the responsibilities of administration, operation, recovery, maintenance, preservation and commercial operation of its areas and services, associated to the execution of upgrading works.

With the execution of the upgrading project, SOCICAM will provide the terminal with more comfort and safety for its passengers and it will improve the services for the reception of sports and recreational vessels, with all users benefiting from the services of the terminal.